Marble is a metamorphic rock, that forms when sedimentary limestone is heated and squeezed by natural rock-forming processes so that the grains recrystallize.
The most well-known natural stone all around the world as well as the most used one is a marble. there are a great number of marble quarries that can be found in the middle east but ELSADOs vision and mission make us search for the highest quality ones witch catch our expert team’s eyes.

you can find very different color pallets of stones from purest black and take a carnival of the different color tour to the most beautiful mixture of colors modeling ELSADO marble collection.
providing the latest technology and fabricating it into a finish product are some of the reasons that ELSADO is very proud of.

we mainly work with most of our model’s quarries to provide the finest sorts of extracted blocks for our customers from different locations on earth, quarries like Pietra gray, Scratched black, Black spider, Super cream, and so on.


Dark gray background with light white veins makes a magnificent marble that can give a unique personality to any space used.

King of Natural Stones

Low water absorption that made cleaning and maintenance easier besides of high durability of this material are features that keep marble king of stones for centuries that flaunting its stable glory of solid lifetime color.

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Lower the porosity of the stone
the higher stone strength

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Best insulator in harmony with
humans nature is natural materials.

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Lower the water absorption
easier to clean and maintain.


Marble is one of the few materials that always surprise you after installation, for that reason you might want to see how marble shine in a different situation.

Everything About Marble Stone

Marble is a metamorphic stone made largely of calcite or dolomite that has undergone recrystallization of calcium carbonate. The stone marble is categorized as a flex stone. Marble Stone has a calcareous texture and comes in various shapes and hues. In addition to the difference in porosity, Marble Stone porosity is more compressive than travertine stone. White marble, cream marble, beige marble, brown marble, silver marble, black marble, and many other colors can be found in Marble Stone. For interior walls, floor decoration, stonework, and fire pits or columns in various buildings, marble stone is used in many different ways.

Everything About Marble Stone


What is the process of Marble Stone formation?

Marble is created when limestone is exposed to an intense amount of heat and pressure for a very long time. Calcium carbonate is marble’s primary constituent. Some marble varieties have 99% calcium carbonate content. Marble has a range of colors due to the presence of aluminum and magnesium. Pure marble is entirely white.


Extraction of Marble Stone

Extraction of Marble Stone

First, marble rocks are separated into certain sections using specialized machinery for marble extraction and manufacturing marble. They then transport these components to stone-cutter factories, where they are cut into convenient and random sizes. After cutting, they used specialized machinery to mold the marble into a flat surface. Marble is now prepared for usage in this manner. One of the world’s biggest producers of marble is Italy. The same nation also produces the best Marble Stones in the entire globe.

Marble has always been utilized in art, building projects, and decorations, due to its unique beauty. Many of the works of well-known artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci feature marble.


Marble Slab

Marble Slab

Among all stone slabs, marble slabs have a special beauty with a wide range of colors and decorative patterns. Compared to other stones, a Marble slab with a high polishing degree is simple to identify.

Elsado can give you Marble slabs in various hues and designs by utilizing the most modern equipment per the interests and requirements of our customers. A selection of marble slabs in high quality are available in Elsado’s Marble warehouse and are prepared for shipping and delivery.


Marble Tiles 

Marble Tiles

All of the cut Marble Stones are separated into slabs and tiles based on size, although marble tiles account for the majority of applications. That is to say; all Marble slabs will be cut to sizes at the factory or on the project site by the structural necessity and becomes the Marble Tile in the end and used by the slab size for unique spots. Although marble tiles can be cut into two different shapes, square and rectangle, the square shape is the most popular.

Elsado takes great pride in offering you a distinctive selection of cut-to-size Marble tiles.

Iran’s marble is quite distinctive across the globe due to its scattering, variety in color and design patterns, and high quality of various Marbles Quarry. In the past 6 years, Elsado has considered developing the Marble Quarry a strategic policy. Elsado has a good position because it has several Marble Quarries in the stone industry. Royal Black Marble, Cloud White Marble, Pietra Gray Marble, Spider Black, Persian Nero Marquina Marble, and Persian Carrera Marble are just a few of our exclusive quarries.

Marble tiles can be used for various purposes, including flooring, wall cladding, foyers, kitchen backsplashes, custom walls, fire pits, and bathrooms.

Square Standard Sizes
Description size
Marble Tile 40*40 cm
Marble Tile 50*50 cm
Marble Tile 60*60 cm
Marble Tile 80*80 cm
Marble Tile 100*100 cm
Rectangle Standard Sizes
Description size
Marble Tile 30*60 cm
Marble Tile 40*60 cm
Marble Tile 40*80 cm

Marble in the kitchen

Since marble tiles give our kitchens a smooth, polished sensation, they are a more popular choice for kitchen flooring.

This stone’s polished and smooth surface can add a great deal of elegance to your kitchen’s appearance.



Due to its durability, marble tile is a favored alternative for bathrooms. Either the flooring or the shower’s surroundings are made of it.



The well-known saying “first impressions are usually lasting impressions” is common knowledge. When introducing new guests to our home, the first impression is essential.

Rather than having marble tile flooring in your front entryway, it is a great method to introduce your place.



The most underrated and traditional area of a home is the hallway.

After adding marble tiles, you started to make alterations to this area.

It is often a good idea to order a few marble tiles as samples before choosing a style so that you may examine what looks best in your halls.


Marble Stone Quarry

Around fifteen billion tons of stone are considered to be available for construction, with Iran leading the way in terms of the variety of available stones, including marble. In terms of total construction stone resources, it comes in fourth. Among the several types of stones in Iran, marble has the highest resources available, with roughly 54% of all quarries.


Block of Marble Stone

Typically, marble blocks are chopped into blocks with precise geometric measurements in the quarry after being extracted from the quarry site. Marble blocks and other stones typically have rectangular cube-shaped geometric dimensions. A typical block has dimensions of 200 cm in width, 200 cm in height, and 300 cm in length. It weighs between 22 and 26 tons.

It is appropriate to construct high-quality slabs with dimensions of 200 cm*300 cm or to export worldwide when considering the Marble block‘s dimensions and weight and proper design patterns.

The stockyard at Elsado is stocked with valuable Marble blocks of the highest caliber for our esteemed customers.


Marble Stone Company

One of the most well-known marble companies in Iran and other nations around the world is Elsado. Elsado, as a Marble Company, has several characteristics that contribute to its current situation. These top qualities can be divided into two diverse categories. Elsado is a seasoned marble company with expertise in export, mining, production, and services. Second, Elsado enjoys an exceptional position as a Marble Company thanks to its excellent facilities, which include numerous quarries, factories, stockyards, and showrooms.



The major criteria for awarding credit to a marble supplier are their overall features, amenities, and experiences. Elsado is regarded as the most reputable marble supplier in the world thanks to its years of real experience in this industry and its presence on the global market.

Elsado, a marble supplier, has always operated under the guiding principles of market research and development to offer a broad range of high-quality and quantity products by market demand.


Price of Marble Stone

This free marble price guide aims to aid in your understanding of Marble slab costs and rates. Numerous elements influence marble pricing, some of which substantially impact prices even for the same variety of marble. The variety selection is unquestionably the beginning of an economic analysis of Marble Stone per square meter.

Let’s describe the additional aspects that influence Marble slab prices after deciding what marble you want. The size of the tile, transportation, processing, and finishing are other factors to consider when determining the marble cost.


Dimensions impact the cost of marble tiles

Generally speaking, the price of Marble tiles increases with tile size. As a result, another cost associated with marble—namely, the installation fee, increases with tile size.

The most popular marble tile sizes for marble floors or marble covers are 30 x 60, 60 x 60, and 60 x 120. It is also feasible to create larger sizes, but these are often regarded as customized formats; thus, it is required to contact marble professionals who can make these types of proportions on tiles with a 2 cm thickness.


Transportation impacts marble pricing

Another cost that contributes to the final Marble stone price is transportation. First, as some types of marble are quarried in challenging locations, the type of marble chosen will affect the cost of shipment.

One of these is unquestionably Carrara marble. Alternatively, consider Yule marble, which is quarried in the Elk Mountains at the height of, 2,800 meters. The travel to the marble worker who handles the processing and, eventually, the transit to the customer are the additional shipping phases (and their associated costs). In these latter instances, the cost of transportation is directly correlated with weight and destination (if the material is going to be transported to long distant locations, the marble price per square meter will be higher).


The price of marble might vary depending on procedures and finishes

The methods and finishes, another important component in deciding the marble price, must be mentioned in this Marble stone price guide. The finishing processes affecting marble pricing include polishing, sanding, sandblasting, brushing, and bush hammering.


Cost of the installation for marble floor

Cost of the installation for marble floor

This free marble price guide has come to an end. The installation is crucial when discussing the cost of marble floors or countertops. In general, little Marble tiles are less expensive, while large slabs will cost more to install, as we predicted in the previous paragraphs of this marble pricing guide.

The final marble cost will also be impacted if additional finishes or treatments must be applied on-site.


Advantages Of Marble Stone

Advantages Of Marble Stone

  1. Aesthetics 

The aesthetics of real Marble tiles is unparalleled. Marble has a very regal appearance and is available in a broad range of hues, patterns, and finishes. While marble flooring somewhat mimics the appearance of natural marble, it cannot rival or be equal to the original. As an illustration, consider our Pietra Grey and Royal Cream Stone marble tiles. These tiles have elegant designs unmatched by any marble flooring solutions.

  1. Marble is a remarkably robust material

Marble is remarkably resilient for a natural substance. It has a good reputation for great endurance that exists for centuries and is also famous for its purity. Although there are flooring options made of synthetic materials that are likewise quite durable, many people prefer marble since it is all-natural. There has never been a stronger trend toward choosing natural marble tiles over imitation ones.

  1. Marble is durable and unlikely to break

Despite the potential durability of synthetic tiles, several varieties are vulnerable to breaking if large things are dropped on them. Marble tiles, on the other hand, provide you with a very durable surface that has great resistance to breaking. Marble won’t crack easily due to its great endurance.

  1. Marble acts as a fantastic insulator

People know that marble is a fantastic insulator. Even under direct sunshine, it maintains a reasonable level of cooling during the summer and warming during the winter. As a result, Marble tiles are beneficial in terms of saving money on heating and cooling expenses.

  1. Marble tiles can be used in any room

Marble has a very adaptable appearance that allows for use in any room. Marble tiles are a fantastic option for shower walls and floors, bathroom vanity tops, and niches. They perform admirably for kitchen benchtops and splash backs. Even tabletops can be made from them and utilized both indoors and outside. Of course, they can be used in any space as flooring.

  1. The marble floors are shiny and reflect the light

The ability of Marble Stone to reflect light is one of the major factors that makes it a timeless appeal. As a result, marble gives the impression that spaces are vast and lighter. This is a very significant factor in why so many people pick light-colored marble tiles for their homes.

For more information about Marble Stone products and all you have in mind, you can easily contact us from below and receive a free consultation on any matter you want. Also, we can provide you with guidance toward purchasing all that is suitable for you. Furthermore, all of our products are guaranteed, and you can rest assured of their quality. As a natural stone supplier, we can give you the best possible prices in the market because we mainly supply our products from the Middle East and Iran, which will result in lower purchase prices for customers, and also, their quality is top-notch.

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